About Us

- Never apologize for being you - 


Welcome! My name is Suhaine, and I am the founder of OneThirty Fashion - a Latina/women-owned boutique developed with a sole mission to empower others on unlocking their authentic, most confident selves. Designing my line on a foundation of quality and integrity, here you can find an array of beautiful pieces you can effortlessly adorn yourselves with and do so while attaining that seamless, fun, and statement-making shopping experience you deserve along the way. 

A little about me, I am a Brooklyn native currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, of proud Hispanic descent (half Puerto Rican, half Honduran), and someone who has always been exceptionally passionate about the fashion world. With that as my base, it inevitably influenced me to begin my career in the retail fashion and cosmetic beauty industries. After spending 20+ years in these sectors, the idea to begin my own brand finally sparked and has since resulted in the birth of OneThirty Fashion. Today, OneThirty Fashion is not only a Latina/women-owned brand with carefully sourced clothing; behind the name itself stems deeply rooted surrealism and intrinsic values that enable others to live unapologetically and ultimately feel beautiful, confident, and seen.

Overall, nothing makes me happier than helping flair seekers lace themselves with unique aesthetics that enable them to look and feel their best. From top to bottom, I have a genuine passion for this industry and take pride in delivering trending clothing that becomes an expressional outlet for all walks of life to enjoy. That said, come browse the OneThirty Fashion inventory to spice up your versatile style. In the end, everyone is welcome here (yes, you too!), and I truly look forward to building an all-inclusive, exciting, and overall inspiring fashion community with you.